PT Telehealth Educational Series

Implementing a Telehealth Program Model During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Great news for PT Telehealth Private Practice during the pandemic. Check out the new interim CMS Guidance for the use of real-time face-to-face technology in practice.  For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/NewTelehealthGuidelines ____________________________________________________________________________________ The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world in dramatic ways, and physical therapists have been impacted in their daily activities in treating patients in their clinical settings.  With the US on a virtual lockdown, many therapists are looking to telehealth as a way to bridge the gap and continue to treat and progress their patients during this pandemic.     Telehealth AppointmnetThe Rehab Essentials Telehealth Educational Series provides a step by step process for establishing a telehealth program as well as delineate the differences between telehealth, e-visits and phone assessment and management services through six on-demand sessions you can watch at any time.  This includes three full length, educational telehealth sessions conducted by Dr. Jen Gamboa who evaluates and treats her example patient, Dr. Robbie Leonard.  These are recorded in real time, so participants can feel free to fast forward or watch the entire sessions to get an idea of the flow of an evaluation and follow up visit.  Our last session, was a live Q & A Session, where participants asked our experts, Dr. Jen Gamboa & Dr. Robbie Leonard questions on how to establish a telehealth program.   On-Demand Sessions: The sessions for the series can be found as a YouTube playlist at https://bit.ly/PTTelehealthEducationalSeries , which includes:
  • Session 1: Telehealth for Therapy Practices
  • Session 2: E-visits & Phone Visits
  • Session 3: Telehealth Common Challenges & Solutions
  • Session 4: Telehealth Evaluation Example
  • Session 5: Telehealth Educational Treatment Example 1:
  • Session 6: Telehealth Educational Treatment Example 2
  • Session 7: Live Q & A Session
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