About Us

Rehab Essentials was started in 2005 to enable actively-practicing Physical Therapists to advance to the doctoral level. Steven Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA, realized the need for a cost-effective transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (tDPT) program that allowed physical therapists to maintain their work-life balance, continue to practice and advance their professional qualifications by taking online courses to achieve their DPT. Rehab Essentials brought content experts together to create an all-star faculty and outstanding curriculum.

Rehab Essentials vision has grown, and improving global health education is at the heart of what Rehab Essentials stands for. Rehab Essentials is the optimal solution for professional health education. Our courses and modules integrate foundational content into an e-learning platform that delivers consistent and highly ranked professional development curriculum.

Dad sharing his online course with young son

I wanted to find a way to create a better tDPT program with an ‘all-star team of faculty’ from around the country. And to do it online to make it more affordable and more flexible for the currently practicing Physical Therapists to attain their doctoral degree.

Our Operations Team

Steve Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Steve Tepper, PT, PhD, FAPTA


Jennifer M. Gamboa, DPT, OCS

Jennifer M. Gamboa, DPT, OCS

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Scheeler, PT, DPT, MBA

Jonathan D Scheeler PT, DPT, MBA

Chief Programming Officer

Kelson L. Colbo

Kelson L. Colbo PT, DPT

Chief Technology Officer

Michael J. Emery PT, EdD, FAPTA

Michael J Emery PT, EdD, FAPTA

Director, Business Development

Cheryl Cassaly

Director of Marketing and Sales