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Faculty Development Workshop: Online Instructional Design

As educators in a professional curriculum, you are being asked to cover more information in a shorter amount of time with a smaller budget.  Recent changes to the education environment add to this complexity where you now must navigate delivering your curriculum at a distance.  This complimentary 3-session online Faculty Development Workshop will guide participants through how to design online and blended learning experiences within their own curriculum.  As active learners, faculty will utilize asynchronous foundational learning content and engage in synchronous active learning assignments, and assessment activities. At the end of the workshop, the goal is for faculty to design activities for use next semester and the knowledge to build additional activities.  Email us at social@rehabessentials.com to learn more about the next workshop.  

Online Teaching & Educational Series Webinars

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Curriculum Integration of Developed Online Courses May 20, 2020 - As educators in a professional curriculum, you are being asked to cover more information in a shorter amount of time with a smaller budget. Recent changes to the education environment add the complexity of transitioning your curriculum into online environment. Integrating developed online courses into your curriculum, can help increase the productivity of your faculty by allowing them to focus on higher impact, immersive learning experiences while students learn foundational information online.


Student Assessment in an Online Environment April 29, 2020 - Student assessment in the online environment can raise anxiety, confusion and frustration on the part of students and instructors. Is the assessment event fair? Is it effective in assessing learning? Is it sufficiently secure? This presentation provides practical suggestions and strategies to engage students in online assessment that is effective for student evaluation of learning and as a student learning activity.


How to Facilitate Learning and Practice of Psychomotor Skills in an Online Environment April 16, 2020 - Helping DPT students learn and practice psychomotor skills in an online environment presents unique challenges and unique solutions.


Opportunities and Pitfalls of On-line Education; Points to Consider During These Uncertain Times April 8, 2020 - As we rapidly approach a transition of DPT education to an online and asynchronous format necessitated by the COVID-19 virus restrictions, it is easy to feel concern and anxiety about the process and its outcomes. Can I do this? How will students fare? How do we achieve success? What should assessment of learning look like?


Webinar Teaching a Hands-on Profession in an Online Environment March 25, 2020 & March 31, 2020 - Navigating the recent rapid transition to distance/online education has been all-consuming for many universities and colleges around the country. This is especially true for a hands-on profession like Physical Therapy. Learn how to navigate the transition from in-class, face-to-face learning to an exceptional distance learning experience.

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