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How long will it take to learn if I have been admitted?

Usually within 1-3 weeks from when you submitted your application.

Do you accept international students?

Most certainly. We have students around the globe.

How long do the post professional doctorate programs take?

Most students earn their doctorate in one to three years.

Do students need to be on the computer at a specific time during a course?

No. All courses are self-paced, and can be taken on your schedule. The course timing, however, follows the grading requirement deadlines.

Do courses and doctorate programs run on Mac and PC?

Yes, courses will run on most interfaces including Mac, PC, and mobile device.

Is there a referral program?

Yes!  Whenever a current tDPT student or Alumni make a qualified referral, they can give a little and get a little.  To learn more, visit our Referral Rewards page.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We keep costs low by three avenues: 1) lowered post-graduate credit rate, 2) no accessory fees, and 3) low credits per semester. This third avenue of keeping credits low per semester while achieving an effective and efficient curriculum completion places students below the threshold of a part-time student status. Federal financial aid is only available to students that are considered part-time or higher. Personal, regional, or other financial aid may be available, but not through the University of Montana or Marymount University.  We would encourage you to check with your current employer for potential tuition match opportunities or to look for private scholarships.  

How do students get transcripts?

The most convenient way to receive a transcript is through the National Student Clearing House: www.studentclearinghouse.org. The NSC transcripts are official and come signed by the Registrar of the requested university.  On the National Student Clearing House homepage, enter the school name and follow the steps from there. Provide your Student ID OR SSN in the required sections. (Should you get an error message that says there was a problem finding your transcripts, simply click on “NEXT” to continue with the order.  The university will be able to look up your records using the information you provide and mail out your transcripts.

Are Courses Accredited?

All CEU courses that are available to purchase are accredited by the APTA. If your state does not recognize APTA accreditation, you may submit the syllabus to your state for accreditation.

How Much Time is Allotted for the Course?

Once purchased, you have 90 days to review the course and take the CEU competency exam.

How Much Time is Required for the Course?

Each course is different in lecture times. Times are listed on the syllabus of each course, which can be downloaded on the course detail page.

How do I purchase a license for my institution?

Licensing needs vary by institution and we would like to ensure we meet your needs. Please complete this contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

What is your licensing pricing?

We offer both Single Course Licenses and Bundled Module Licenses. The pricing varies based on contact hours for the courses you select, plus discounts are applied for Bundled Module licenses. To learn more about pricing for your institution, please complete this contact form and we will reach out shortly to discuss your institution’s needs.

How do I become an international education partner?

We are excited to learn more about a potential partnership with you. Please complete this contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

Where do you have international partnerships?

We are always expanding our international partnerships. To see if we have a partnership near you, please view the globe on our international page.

Do you accept international students?

Most certainly. We have students around the globe.