Thank You For Joining Our Webinar. 

We hope you enjoyed the webinar.   We understand the unique challenges of teaching a hands-on profession with remote resources.   As educators in a professional curriculum, time was already in short supply.  Free up your  time with our budget-friendly University Licensing program.   Our budget friendly online foundational courses are taught by subject matter experts.  They will blend directly into your curriculum and help you navigate the paradigm shift to online, distance learning.   Freeing you up to focus on engaged, high impact learning.   As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has impacted universities and colleges nationwide with many programs needing to transition to distance/online education very quickly.   Dr. Tim Miller and Dr. Mike Emery have contemporary expertise and experience in distance education, and will happily provide you with guidance and support as you go through this challenging transition.   Please reach out with your questions and concerns to us at:
To learn more about integrating courses from Rehab Essentials into your cirriculum, visit rehabessentials.com  or email Genele Perry at g.perry@rehabessentials.com.