Doug Hoeck

The experience I had with the tDPT program through The University of Montana exceeded my expectations in all ways. The courses were in a logical manner and were easy to follow. I enjoyed the “learn as you go” format that allowed me to study at my own pace and review material as needed. The CD lectures followed the syllabus and were easy to understand. Most sections had a textbook and/or reading material well defined. There were no surprises once the academic calendar was released if you followed the syllabus.

I enjoyed the ability to confer with my cohort in the discussion board and meet most of them at the Professional conference. The conference was a highlight of my experience as the material discussed was thought provoking and covered a wide range of topics. The faculty for the Professional conference was filled with leaders in the physical therapy field.

My highest recommendation for anyone wishing to further their education in an organized, interesting and thought provoking manner.

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