Rehab Essentials Raising Tuition Funds for Physiotherapy Students in Kenya

25 November 2020
Altruistic Spirit

Rehab Essentials is raising funds The Jackson Clinics Foundation, who is trying to help alleviate this by raising funds to help cover the cost of tuition for Kenyan physiotherapist.

Teach One, Treat Many - The Jackson Clinics Foundation

One of our core values at Rehab Essentials is to help transform and build the rehabilitation professional community, both here in the states and around the world.  We believe in driving the success of others in the rehabilitation profession through time, motivation, and giving.  This holiday season, we are inviting you to join us as we raise funds for physiotherapy students in Kenya through The Jackson Clinics Foundation.


The Jackson Clinics Foundation, (a 501C3 non-profit) has been working to help improve Kenyan physiotherapy education for almost a decade. Their goal has always been to create a long-term sustainable benefit for physical therapists and positively effect health care in Kenya.  Over the years, they have sent over 100 DPT volunteers to help teach and expand foundational, clinical, and professional skills to physiotherapists.  Recently, the foundation along with AMREF International University were able to develop a BSc and BSc Upgrade program.  This program launched in April 2020.


Physiotherapy in Kenya is currently in a crisis situation.  Many physiotherapists are working unpaid and others are barely making a livable wage.  Affording tuition while providing for their families is a hardship most cannot endure.  The Jackson Clinics Foundation is trying to help alleviate this by raising funds to help cover the cost of tuition for Kenyan physiotherapist.The Jackson Foundation Clinics Foundation Clincal Class


We want to help.  For the first $10,000 raised, every dollar will be matched by Rehab Essentials or Dr. Richard and Anna Jackson.  Your donations are fully tax deductible (for donations made from the U.S.).  Visit TeachAndTreat.org or click here to donate directly and select “Student Tuition” from the drop down menu.


Thank you!  Have a safe and happy holiday season.