Course Description

Personal Leadership for the Health Professional: Essentials to Transform Practice


The course will explore the essentials of progressive leadership development critical to add value and ensure quality outcomes in clinical practice and education. Discussions will focus on personal leadership that starts from within, can be learned, isn’t positional and IS critical for all health professionals if we expect to be part of the team that transforms health care.



Healthcare reform presents exciting opportunities and challenges for all members of the health care team.  It is well recognized, however, that there is a leadership gap in health care and a strong sense of urgency to build leadership capacity to drive much needed changes.  Occupational therapists and physical therapists are uniquely positioned to use new skill sets that can create innovative and collaborative models of care.  These new models that promote health, will also illustrate our professional value explicitly to meet imperative healthcare reform goals, including: improved care, improved outcomes, and reduced costs.  This course focuses on essentials of personal leadership development to prepare therapists to assume professional responsibility to influence others and promote innovative change in practice.  Effective leadership has a direct relationship to quality health outcomes and therapists can play a key role to transform and re-frame our health systems.