Physical Therapy for the Obstetric and Post Breast Cancer Clients

Course Access: 90 days access
Course Overview

Course Description: The
course covers topics in physical therapy for the obstetric client and
rehabilitation for women who have undergone medical interventions for breast
cancer. In the area of obstetrics, the course covers management of
musculoskeletal dysfunction during the childbearing year built upon a
foundation of anatomical and physiological changes for the obstetric client; it
reviews indications and contraindications for physical agents; and discusses
evidence-based types of exercise commonly used in treating the obstetric
client. The course then provides the learner with information on the staging
and medical management of breast cancer and discuss rehabilitation
considerations for this population.

Course Purpose: This
course is designed to bring the learner up to Doctor of Physical Therapy
entry-level educational competence in these areas of women’s health physical
therapy, primarily in the cognitive domain of learning. The course focuses on
management of musculoskeletal dysfunction in the obstetric patient, with some
content related to breast cancer.