Pelvic and Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Course Access: 90 days access
Course Overview

Course Description: The
course covers core topics in women’s and pelvic health. It includes a review of
life-span physiology including an overview of puberty and menopause, a brief
introduction to the impacts of age on male and female body systems, an in-depth
look at pelvic health including continence, colorectal and prolapse issues. In
the area of obstetrics, the course covers management of musculoskeletal
dysfunction during the childbearing year built upon a foundation of anatomical
and physiological changes for the obstetric client; it reviews indications and
contraindications for physical agents; and discusses evidence-based types of
exercise commonly used in treating the obstetric client. Finally, the course
provides the learner with information on the staging and medical management of
breast cancer and discuss rehabilitation considerations for this population.

Course Purpose:
This course is designed to bring the learner up to Doctor of Physical Therapy
entry-level educational competence in the area of women’s and pelvic health
physical therapy, primarily in the cognitive domain of learning. The course
focuses on pelvic floor dysfunction and management of musculoskeletal
dysfunction in the obstetric patient, with some content related to breast
cancer. It does not cover osteoporosis, lymphedema, or chronic pain syndromes
such as lymphedema; conditions sometimes covered under the women’s health umbrella.
These topics, though germane to the area of women’s health, are often covered
elsewhere in entry-level curricula as well as in their own continuing education