AHHS 582: Implementing Value Based System Change in Rehabilitation

Course Access: 90 days access
Course Overview

This course module provides the physical therapist clinical doctoral learner with a foundational appreciation of business case development, clinical informatics and healthcare policy required for the successful leadership of physical therapy innovation.  It describes the conceptual shift needed for the profession of Physical Therapy (PT) in order to remain at the leading edge of our data driven health care environment and the need to meet the Institute for Health Improvement’s (IHI) “Triple Aim”.

The current health care environment is changing at a rapid pace and healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to cut costs, improve outcomes and communicate and coordinate better with other professionals.  Physical Therapists are not immune from this pressure and need to find ways to demonstrate the value that they bring to patients and to the healthcare system.  In this module you will learn: 1) the foundational elements of innovation and business case justification, 2) foundational clinical informatics concepts increasingly required for successful leadership of PT innovation within our data driven health care environment 3) how physical therapy practices have leveraged the ability to collect and aggregate data to change system processes and 4) understand  the catalysts behind the rapid change in healthcare and to highlight what we can expect with new payment models and how the focus will be from individual health to population health.   Furthermore, through real PT case exemplars this module will demonstrate PT health care context, informatics, analytics; data and information concepts used to drive value based care models and business case justification.