IPTA Partnership – India

IPTA is Key Partner for India Based Physiotherapists

The Ingenious Physical Therapy Associates (IPTA), University of Montana and Rehab Essentials share a similar vision to improve learning experience for physiotherapists globally. As a result, they have formed a key partnership to provide Indian based physiotherapists an opportunity to pursue a clinical doctorate (tDPT) from an accredited university in the United States.

The innovative, best-in-class curriculum is taught by recognized clinician faculty and is strongly rooted in evidence-based practice and was designed for the working physiotherapist. The contemporary online format, engages you from virtually anywhere, when you are ready, on your schedule, on your own pace and on a budget friendly tuition that is proportional in costs to the market differential between the US and India.

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Improving Global Health

This partnership is part of Rehab Essentials’ goal of improving global health and standards. Providing access to continuing education and advanced degrees for providers is a crucial step to improving societal health. With this endeavor, we hope to continue to improve the ability and accessibility of quality healthcare globally. As a benefit to India, this curriculum would educate and empower the Indian based physiotherapists to pursue independent practices as a means of growing the profession.

How to Apply

For any questions regarding admission process and the program for Indian based physiotherapists, visit www.iptausa.com or contact:

Karthik Yadagiri, PT, DPT or Ajith Jain, PT

Ingenious Physical Therapy Associates (IPTA)

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Email: iptaindia@outlook.com

Phone: +91 9394705178

WhatsApp: 001-5014286392, 001-9403682718

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